• $4000 - $6500
  • Up to 200 Guests
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Up to 200 guests

A historical and sophisticated event venue

Built-in 1910 by F.D. Brandt, the “Coca-Cola” building was originally constructed as a general store. Later, the building was split in two to make room for a pharmacy which complimented the nearby local doctor’s office which was run by Dr. J.T. Mize, Physician, and Surgeon from 1920 – 1944.

The general store, pharmacy, and doctor’s office played an integral role in supporting the local commerce that was brought in by the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad. In 1986 the general store was sold and over the years played host to several restaurants and an antique store which was owned by Cal Ray Schluter who believed in preserving the old building for future generations.

In 2022, Mr. Schluter sold the building to Joshua and Natalie DeJong to restore and preserve the building for its historic beauty.


6503 Commerce Street, Wallis, TX, United States, Texas

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