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Navigating your way through the bustling wedding scene in Houston just got easier! Our exclusive Visit the Venues Map is not just a map; it’s a journey towards finding your perfect wedding venue. This unique, foldable giant poster is your gateway to the most coveted venues and bridal salons in from College Station to Galveston, Texas. Whether you’re a couple planning your special day or a wedding professional seeking visibility, “The Map” is your treasure trove.

Why Choose "The Map" ?


Easy to Use

A comprehensive, foldable design that puts Houston's top wedding venues and bridal salons at your fingertips.

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Connect with the Best

Go beyond the map with our digital version, 'Visit the Venues'. Dive into vendor profiles and connect directly with your preferred vendors.


Elevate Your Business

Struggling to reach potential clients? Be a part of our map and gain unparalleled exposure to couples actively planning their weddings.

Find Your Ideal Venue and Bridal Salon on The Wedding Map.

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Explore the map to find your dream venue and bridal salon. Then, seamlessly transition to our full-fledged digital guide, ‘Visit the Venues’. Here, you can directly book appointments with venues and vendors, and utilize our planning tools to orchestrate your perfect day.


The Wedding Map Features 290 Wedding Venues and 26 Bridal Salons and 26 Select Wedding Pros.

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Ready to Meet Couples Who Are Eagerly Searching For You

As a wedding professional, you understand the importance of visibility in the industry. Visit the Venues Wedding Map isn’t just a map; it’s a planning guide. The wedding map is visual and more importantly, it’s a couple’s roadmap to your front door. Imagine NEVER hearing the words “I wish we knew about your venue” or “I didn’t know where your salon was” again! By featuring your business with Visit the Venues , you’re not just marking your spot on the map; you’ve opened the door to newly engaged couples looking for you. Is it time to stop being the the hidden GEM? 

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Join the Revolution in Wedding Planning 

Elevate your business and connect with the heart of your market. Be a part of our next issue and see how Visit the Venues Wedding Map will bring you your perfect couple.

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